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There is an estimated 70 million people worldwide claiming Irish ancestry. Family History can deliver a real benefit to the Irish public. It connects people through their individual genetic past to the past of the communities they inhabit.

The Derry City Council has created two sources, www.derry.rootsireland.ie and genealogy@derrycity.gov.uk  to assist anyone, local people or visitors, to research their family history. The ancestors of the vast majority of Derry citizens are recorded in the database.

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The Genealogist, Brian Mitchell has been involved in local family and emigration research in the wider Derry area since1982. He is the author of a number of books such as A New Genealogist Atlas of Ireland, A guide to Irish Parish Registers and a Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy.

Derrywalls.com can provide help with some research for visitors. To do so, please make contact with the website for further assistance.

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